The R.A.N Possesses 15 Fremantle Class Patrol Boats and each carry out a number of important tasks including that of protecting Australia's Economic Exclusion Zone. HMAS Fremantle was the first of its class and was built in the UK. The remainder have been built in Australia. They are deployed around Australia's coast in Cairns, Darwin, Sydney and Rockingham.

As of 2005 these boats are now being phased out, decommissioned and replaced by the new Armidale Class Patrol Boats - You may find out and see photos of the Navy's latest acquisition by clicking - HERE

No. Name Laid Down Launched Commissioned
203 Fremantle 11NOV77 16FEB79 17MAR80
204 Warranambool 30SEP78 25OCT80 14MAR81
205 Townsville 05MAR79 16MAY81 18JUL81
206 Wollongong 08SEP79 17OCT81 20NOV81
207 Launceston NOV79 23JAN81 06MAR82
208 Whyalla JUN80 22MAY82 03JUL82
209 Ipswich 20OCT80 23SEP82 13NOV83
210 Cessnock 15FEB81 15JAN83 05MAR83
211 Bendigo 10JUL81 09APR83 28MAY83
212 Gawler 18JAN82 09JUL83 27AUG83
213 Geraldton MAR82 22OCT83 10DEC83
214 Dubbo 09AUG82 21JAN84 10MAR84
215 Geelong 15NOV82 14APR84 02JUN84
216 Gladstone JUL83 20JUL84 08SEP84
217 Bunbury 13JUN83 03NOV84 15DEC84


Builders: Brooke Marine Lowestoft, UK (Fremantle)
NQEA Australia, Cairns, Queensland. (204-217)
Displacement: 220 Tonnes
Length: 42 Metres
Beam: 7.15 Metres
Armament: 40mm Bofors Gun. 81mm Mortar. Two .50 Cal Machine Guns
Machinery: Two MTU 538 series 16 cylinder main propulsion engines
Speed: 30 Knots
Complement: 2


The Navy's New 'Armidale Class' Patrol Boats - Click Here
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