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Six hundred and forty-five men perished with the SYDNEY. There were
635 officers and ratings, six RAAF personnel, and four civilians.


ANDERSON, William Thomson Engineer Lieutenant NSW
BACON, Jack Cawston Lieutenant-Commander(0) NSW
BARREY, Raymond Barker Flying Officer SA
BATCHELOR, William George Warrant Engineer VIC
BIGGS. Alexander Baillie Warrant Engineer NSW
BROWN, Thomas Carton Lieutenant VIC
BURNETT, Joseph Captain VIC
BYRNE, Albert Edwin Sub-Lieutenant QLD
CLIFTON, James Irvine Paymaster Sub-Lieutenant WA
COLE, John Alan Lieutenant NSW
DALTON, Lionel Sydney, DSO Commander (E) NSW
DAVIS. Thomas Edgar Lieutenant NSW
EAGAR, Alexander Vinrace Sub-Lieutenant QLD
EDDY, Edwin Ross Sub-Lieutenant VIC
ELDER, Bruce Alfred Sub-Lieutenant NSW
FULLER, John Albert Ernest Warrant Shipwright NSW
GENGE, Francis Harrison, MB,ChM Surgeon Lieut.-Commander NSW
HANDCOCK, Richard Daniel Lieutenant-Commander (E) NSW
HASKER, John Reid, MB,BS Surgeon Commander VIC
HOUSTON, John Kerr A/Gunner SA
KEITH, Andrew Ian Lieutenant NSW
KING, Allen James Engineer Sub-Lieutenant SA
MacDONALD, Frank Leslie Gunner UK
MAYNARD, Thomas Francis Paymaster Commander VIC
MAYO, Eric Elton Lieutenant SA
MITCHELL, Charles McGregor Paymaster Sub-Lieutenant VIC
MONTGOMERY, Clive Alexandra Craig Lieut.-Commander NSW
McCABE, Donald Wolsey A/Paymaster Sub-Lieutenant TAS
NICHOLSON, Robert Wesley Warrant Electrician NSW
OWEN, William Albert Warrant Supply Officer NSW
PETERSON, James Edward Gunner (T) VIC
REVILLE, Frederick William Warrant Engineer NSW
RIDOUt Robert Ernest Paymaster Lieutenant VIC
SCHOCH, Frederick Harold Engineer Sub-Lieutenant WA
SINGER, Michael Morgan, DSC Lieutenant-Commander WA
SKEWES, Percy Francis Schoolmaster QLD
STUBBS, Rev. George Chaplain NSW
THRUSTON, Edmund Wybergh, DSC Commander NSW
TOWNSEND, Mervyn Clive Surgeon Lieutenant VIC
TRELOAR, Ian Thomas Roy Lieutenant VIC
WILKINSON, Alexander MacKay Lieutenant-Commander NSW
WILSON, Allan Wallace Engineer Lieutenant NSW
ABERNETHY~ Roderic Bell Petty Officer Telegraphist NSW
ABSOLOM, John Francis A/Leading Stoker TAS
ADDISON, Roy Hilton A/Leading Seaman NSW
AGAR, Lavington Henry Chief Mechanician VIC
ALLISON, John Albert Curtis Able Seaman NSW
ANDERSON, Cecil John Ordinary Seaman SA
ANDERSON, Ronald Harry Able Seaman WA
ANDREWS, Arthur John Able Seaman WA
ARCHBELL, Allen Walter A/Leading Seaman VIC
ARMSTRONG, Harold James Ordinary Seaman VIC
AUMANN, Cyril A/Leading Stoker VIC
AVERY, George William Able Seaman NSW
AYLOTT, William Lewis A/Petty Officer NSW
AYTON, Leslie George Ordnance Artificer 4 VIC
BAIN, William John Able Seaman TAS
BAKER, Victor Leslie Ordinary Seaman QLD
BAKER, William Alfred Stoker NSW
BALDING, Harold Ross Able Seaman WA
BARCLAY, Victor Nathaniel Supply Assistant VIC
BARHAM, Eric Ralph Sick Berth Petty Officer VIC
BARKER, Benjamin Joseph Herbert Able Seaman WA
BARTLETT, Maxwell Edwin Able Seaman NSW
BATH, Walter James Ordinary Seaman NSW
BATTEN, Keith Carrington Stoker NSW
BAVERSTOCK, Ernest George Able Seaman WA
BEATTIE, Alexander Leading Stoker NSW
BEATTIE, Eric Peter Stoker NSW
BECKETT, Richard James Stoker lAS
BELCHER, Edgar Raymond Wireman VIC
BENNIE, Graham Russell Able Seaman NSW
BER WICK, George Ross Wireman VIC
BETTANY, John Henry Able Seaman WA
BETTERMAN. Donald Richard Able Seaman SA
BETTINSON, Walter Edward Leading Seaman NSW
BE VAN, Hanbury Victor Able Seaman WA
BEVERTON, John Troy Stoker QLD
BIBBY, Ivo Ignatius Engine Room Artificer 1 NSW
BIRAM, Bernard Frank Petty Officer Cook (0) NSW
BIRCH, James William A/Leading Stoker VIC
BLACK WOOD, James Stoker NSW
BLAKE, John Shaldis AlLeadlng Stoker SA
BLOM, Leslie Michael Stoker WA
BODMAN, Anthony Arthur Able Seaman WA
BONE, Gordon Fredezick Able Seaman NSW
BONHAM, Henry George Welfare Engine Room Artificer 4 NSW
BONNER, Reginald Mechanician 1 NSW
BOOL, James Ordinary Seaman VIC
BOOTH, Ernest Albert Able Seaman VIC
BOWDEN, Laurence Stoker 2 VIC
BOWES, Keith Andrew Joseph Stoker NSW
BOX, Robert Aubrey Stoker 2 TAS
BOYD, David William A/Leading Sick Berth Attendant VIC
BRADLEY, Ross Ordinary Seaman WA
BRENNAN, Ernest Norman Able Seaman NSW
BRIND, Max Able Seaman NSW
BRODIE, Raymond Roy A/Leading Seaman TAS
BROOKS, Donald Leslie Ordinary Seaman SA
BUCHANAN, Allan Ridley Morton Stoker Petty Officer VIC
BUCK, Clifton Charles Able Seaman SA
BUCKINGHAM, Clarence Frederick Parett Able Seaman WA
BUCKLEY, Daniel Stanley Ordinary Seaman VIC
BUDDEN, Keith Eric A/Yeoman of SlRnals NSW
BUNDY, Frederick Philip Keith Petty Officer NSW
BUNTING, James Able Seaman QLD
BURGESS, William Robert Signalman NSW
BURGOYNE, Maxwell Aubrey Leading Steward NSW
BURKE, Kenneth Thomas Telegraphist VIC
BURKE, Leslie Leading Cook (S) VIC
BURKE, William Chief Engine Room Artificer NSW
BURNS, John Roardon A/Stoker Petty Officer NSW
BURNSYDE, William Edmund Stoker WA
BURRO WES, Douglas James Able Seaman SA
BURT, Alwyn Stewart Wireman VIC
BUTLER, Kenneth Norman Hilton Supply Assistant WA
BUTLER, Stanley Wilfred Able Seaman NSW
CABBAN, Victor Roy Stoker 2 NSW
CANNON, Lionel James Telegraphist WA
CAREY, Henry Robert Joseph Able Seaman VIC
CAREY, Thomas Leslie Chief Petty Officer Cook VIC
CARR, John William Aaron Able Seaman NSW
CARTHY, George Thomas Able Seaman VIC
CARTWRIGHT, Alexander Mitchell Able Seaman NSW
CATLEY, Raymond Rex Able Seaman NSW
CAUDLE, Douglas William Ordinary Seaman SA
CHALLENGER, Charles William Chief Stoker VIC
CHAPMAN, Neville Owen Ordinary Seaman WA
CHAPMAN. William Roy Stoker NSW
CHARLTON, Claude Leyshon Cook TAS
CHRISTIE, Albert Thomas Norton Stoker TAS
CHRISTISON, John Maxwell Ordinary Seaman QLD
CLARK, Daniel Murchie A/Leading Stoker NSW
CLARK, Thomas Welsby Able Seaman QLD
CLARKE, Arthur J. Leading Aircraftman VIC
CLARKE, Harry A/Leading Stoker WA
CLAYTON, Alfred Stockdale Stoker WA
CLEMENT, William Ordinary Seaman VIC
CLIVE. Alfred Walter Stoker WA
COLBEY, Robert Sabey Ordinary Seaman SA
COLE, John Vincent Ordinary Seaman NSW
COLE, Sydney Arthur William Able Seaman QLD
COLEMAN, George Edward Wireman NSW
COLHOUN, Robert Alan Stoker 2 VIC
COLLIE, Cyril Brian Stoker 2 QLD
COLLIER, Richard Thomas A/Leading Seaman VIC
COLLINS, Charles Ernest Able Seaman NSW
COLLINS, William Henry Able Seaman NSW
CONQUIT, William Clarence Able Seaman VIC
COOKESLEY, Clifford William Stoker WA
COONAN, Bevis Royal A/Leading Seaman WA
COOPER, Alfred Langley Leading Stoker VIC
COOPER, Arthur Donald Wilfred Stoker 2 VIC
COOPER. Bertie Able Seaman VIC
COOPER, Reginald Stoker WA
COOPER, Rex Albert Able Seaman NSW
COPPIN, George William Assistant Steward SA
CORK, William James Morris Ordinary Seaman 2 SA
CORMICK, Thomas George Engine Room Artificer 4 VIC
COURTIS, Roy John Stoker WA
COX, Harold William A/Leading Stoker NSW
COX, John Lionel Signalman TAS
CRAGG, George Louis Stoker NSW
CRAIKE, Brian Wesley Able Seaman TAS
CRAN WELL, Henry Alfred Geoffrey Stoker TAS
CRASKE, Benjamin Jack Ordinary Seaman 2 VIC
CRAWFORD, Thomas Alfred A/Able Seaman VIC
CROCKER, Leslie Joseph Petty Officer Cook VIC
CROWLE, Jack Alfred Francis Stoker 2 VIC
CUMMINGS, James Able Seaman NSW
CUNNINGTON, Alan Leonard Fyffe Ordnance Artificer 4 VIC
CURTIS, Clifford Leslie James Wireman VIC
CURTIS, Richard Petty Officer VIC
CURW000, Walter Leslie Wireman VIC
DANIEL, Kevin Henry Ordnance Artificer 4 VIC
DARBY, Stanley Maurice Able Seaman WA
DAUNT, Arthur Robert Stoker NSW
DAVEY, John Stanley Petty Officer Cook VIC
DAVIES, Sidney John Electrical Artificer WA
DAVIS, Stanley Roy Leading Seaman NSW
DEACON, William Frank Able Seaman VIC
DEANE, Wallace Bertram Ordinary Seaman NSW
DEE, Thomas Leading Steward NSW
DeFOREST, McAdam Carruthers Stoker VIC
DeGRACIE, John Philip Ordinary Seaman WA
DEMPSTER, Herbert James Stoker VIC
DEVEREUX, Eric Gordon Able Seaman WA
DHU, Lionel Edward Able Seaman NSW
DIEWS. Bernard Albert Able Seaman NSW
DIMMOCK, Donald Charles Able Seaman NSW
DIX, Gordon Kenneth A/Leading Stoker WA
DIXON, Thomas Charles Leading Stoker WA
DOBSON. Herbert Hartfield Able Seaman WA
DODDS, Richard Leading Aircraftman NSW
DOXEY, Alexander Harold Able Seaman WA
DOYLE, Edward Francis Able Seaman SA
DRAKE, Albert Reginald Able Seaman VIC
DRAKE, John Richardson Stoker VIC
DUNCAN, Emanuel Robert Thomas Supply Assistant VIC
DUNDON, Stephen Able Seaman NSW
DUNIN, Thomas Steward VIC
EDENBOROUGH, Alan Grosvenor Ordinary Seaman NSW
EDGOOSE, John Franklin Ordinary Seaman VIC
EDWARDS, Ernest John Able Seaman QLD
EDWARDS, Frederick A/Stoker Petty Officer NSW
EVANS, Francis Richard Petty Officer NSW
EWENS, Robert Underdown Able Seaman SA
FAHEY, William Richard Able Seaman NSW
FARRAND, Leonard Charles Ordinary Seaman NSW
FAULKNER, Arthur John Able Seaman QLD
FERGUSON, David Wallace Able Seaman NSW
FERGUSON, Kenneth Charles Ordinary Seaman QLD
FIBBENS, William Sidney Telegraphist NSW
FINDLAY, Gordon Lindsay A/Ordnance Artificer 4 VIC
FINLAYSON, Harry Mechanician 1 NSW
FISHER, John William Leading Cook (5) NSW
FITZGERALD, Augustine Francis Blacksmith 4 VIC
FITZGERALD, Lloyd Gerald A/Supply Petty Officer NSW
FLEMING, Wilfred Stafford Able Seaman NSW
FOOTE, Reginald Eric Cook (5) SA
FORBES, Robert Gordon Staunton Ordinary Seaman NSW
FORSYTH, Glenbervie Edwin Electrical Artificer 4 VIC
FORTH, Herbert Able Seaman VIC
FOSTER, Norman Douglas Engine Room Artificer 4 NSW
FOSTER, Roy E. Leading Aircraftman QLD
FOULKES, Robert Eugene Telegraphist NSW
FRANKLIN, Edward William Leading Seaman NSW
FRASER, Noel James Ordinary Seaman NSW
FREER, Walter Edward Albert Able Seaman SA
FRIAR, Jack Allan Engine Room Artificer 3 NSW
FRISCH, Ernest Dudley Able Seaman QLD
FRITH, William Railton Oliver Petty Officer. RN UK
FRY, Robert Aubrey Stoker VIC
FRYER, Kenneth James Ordinary Telegraphist NSW
GAMBLE, Frank Harold Petty Officer Telegr~phist VIC
GAMBLE, Ronald Frederick A/Petty Officer Telegraphist NSW
GARDINER, Heathcote Diggery Ordinary Seaman WA
GARNETT, William Henry A/Leading Stoker NSW
GARRETT, Basil Farmer Able Seaman WA
GALE, Raymond Leading Supply Assistant NSW
GENTLES, Harry Spencer Chief Stoker NSW
GILSENAN, Dudley John Steward VIC
GLACKIN, Thomas Nevin Stoker OLD
GLASBY, Harold Able Seaman NSW
GOODWIN, Neil Francis Able Seaman NSW
GOODWIN, Wilfred James Able Seaman VIC
GOTHARD, Edwin A/Petty Officer Telegraphist VIC
GRACO, Henry Mathias Able Seaman WA
GRAHAM, George Albert Ordinary Seaman NSW
GREAVES, Sidney Able Seaman OLD
GREEN, Arthur Eric A/Stoker Petty Officer QLD
GREEN, John Rex Ordinary Seaman TAS
GREEN, Theo Lawrence Cook (0) NSW
GREENWOOD, James Herbert Ordinary Seaman QLD
GREGSON, Michael Oswald Ordinary Seaman Singapore
GRINTER. Norman Francis A/Leading StokerVIC
GRONBERG. Ernest Edward Stoker WA
GWYNNE, David Andrew Able Seaman SA
HAAG, Francis Vincent Stoker VIC
HAGAN, Allan Steward NSW
HAMMOND, Lawson Able Seaman NSW
HARE, Richard William Able Seaman QLD
HARRICKS, Sydney William Able Seaman NSW
HASS, Mervan Loui Wallace Able Seaman QLD
HARRINGTON, Albert Frederick A/Leading Seaman WA
HARRIS, Ronald Charles Able Seaman VIC
HARRISON, Leslie Alexander Petty Officer Steward NSW
HARTMANN, Frederick Holland Reg Petty Officer VIC
HASLAM, Aubrey Cecil A/Leading Seaman NSW
HATTERSLEY, Jack Osberg Able Seaman NSW
HAWKER, George Clarence Steward WA
HAWKES, Sydney William Able Seaman WA
HAYNES, Frank James Stoker NSW
HAYWOOD, George James Ordinary Seaman 2 lAS
HEATON, Edmund A/Electrical Artificer 4 NSW
HENDERSON, William Laurence Douglas Stoker WA
HENRICKSON, John Olaf Stoker NSW
HERINGTON, Henry Foster Stoker 2 NSW
HERITAGE, Roy George Able Seaman SA
HERROD, Herbert Frederick A/Leading Stoker NSW
HEWETT, Edmund Herbert Able Seaman VIC
HICKEY, Robert Arthur Able Seaman NSW
HILL, Douglas Hugh Stoker SA
HILL, Peter Able Seaman WA
HILL, Robert Henry Engine Room Artificer 4 SA
HOBBS, George James Able Seaman VIC
HOGAN, Michael Henry Ordinary Telegraphist SA
HOLDER, Edward Harrison Telegraphist NSW
HOLM. Clarence Kenneth Asby Able Seaman VIC
HOMER, Arthur Wilfred Chief Stoker NSW
HONOR, Charles Leslie Telegraphist SA
HOOFER, Edgar Norman Ordinary Seaman QLD
HOPCRAFT, Robert Beauchamp Shipwright3 NSW
HORE, Keith Beresford Able Seaman NSW
HORRIGAN, Cornelius Able Seaman VIC
HOWARD, Keith Aircraftman I NSW
HOWARD, Leonard John Able Seaman WA
HUDSON, James Lloyd Signalman OLD
HUTCHINSON, Richard Able Seaman VIC
HUTCHINSON, Roy Harold Able Seaman NSW
HUTCHISON, James Robertson Stoker 2 NSW
INGHAM, John Wakelin A/Leading Stoker WA
JAMES, Martin Curtis Able Seaman NSW
JAR VIS, William John Stoker 2 VIC
JEFFS, Francis William Ordinary Seaman VIC
JENNINGS, David Mathias Able Seaman NSW
JESNOEWSKI, Leslie Albert Ordinary Seaman WA
JOHNSON. Percy Albert Stoker 2 TAS
JOHNSTON, Donald Erskine Able Seaman QLD
JOHNSTON, George Writer VIC
JOHNSTON, Edgar William Able Seaman NSW
JOHNSTONE, Trevor James Armistice Able Seaman VIC
JONES, David James A/Stoker Petty Officer NSW
JONES, Donald Edgar Able Seaman NSW
JONES, Ivan David A/Engine Room Artificer 4 WA
JONES, John Banks Engine Room Artificer 4 NSW
JONES, Philip Trevor Chief Petty Officer VIC
JONES, Wilfred George Chief Shipwright NSW
JORDAN, Ernest John Able Seaman NSW
JORDAI~, Horace David Able Seaman NSW
JOYCE, William Robert John Able Seaman NSW
KEANE, Walter John, DSM Chief Ordnance Artificer VIC
KEARNAN, Rex Allan Ordinary Seaman NSW
KEENAN. Francis Bernard Stoker WA


KELLY, James Vincent Able Seaman VIC
KELLY, Neville Andrew Stoker 2 NSW
KENNEDY, Robert John Stoker 2 NSW
KENNEY, Arthur Henry Lawrence Chief Petty Officer SA
KENT, Lloyd Shackleton Signalman VIC
KETTLE, Edward James Able Seaman NSW
KETTYLE, James Thomas Leading Stoker VIC
KEYS, Rodger Francis Able Seaman VIC
KERKHAM, Eric James Able Seaman WA
KITCHIN, Clayton Peter Stoker SA
KLEINIG, Arthur Albert Telegraphist SA
KNAPMAN, Wesley Bowden Engine Room Artificer 4 SA
KNAPP, Douglas John Stoker 2 VIC
KNIGHT, Neil Kenneth Steward WA
KREIG, Archibald Douglas Assistant Steward SA
LAFFER, Peter Morton Ordinary Seaman SA
LANG, John Able Seaman QLD
LANG, William Hugh Stoker 2 NSW
LAWLER, Neil Charles Ordinary Seaman TAS
LAWSON, James Neil Supply Assistant VIC
LAXTON, Stewart Thomas Sick Berth Attendant 2 VIC
LAYCOCK, Royce Stanley Stoker VIC
LEWIS, Ambrose Henry Stoker Petty Officer NSW
LEWIS, Desmond Henry Bandsman NSW
LEWIS, Leslie Raymond A/Leading Seaman NSW
LILLY WHITE, Harry Edgar Shipwright 1 NSW
LOCKARD, Terence Godfrey A/Signalman TAS
LOVE, Snowden Edward Stoker WA
LOWENSTEIN, William Stoker TAS
LOWRY, Frederick William Able Seaman QLD
LYNCH, Stephen Maxwell Able Seaman TAS
LYNE, Raymond Vivian Ordinary Seaman VIC
MACKINNON, Murdo Petty Officer WA
MALES, Trevor Shipwright 4 TAS
MANN, Keith Arthur Ordinary Seaman VIC
MANNING, Maurice Leading Cook (S) NSW
MARLEY, Sidney Sergeant NSW
MARSON, Albert Richard Mechanician 2 VIC
MARTIN, Alan Douglas Ordinary Seaman SA
MARTIN, James Hearle Able Seaman VIC
MARTIN, Leslie Frank Steward VIC
MARTIN, Leslie James Frederick Ordinary Seaman NSW
MATHESON, Edward Austin John Ordinary Seaman NSW
MATHEWS, John William Able Seaman VIC
MAXWELL, Ian Maxwell Ordinary Signalman TAS
MEDLEN, Lindsay James Sick Berth Attendant SA
MELANDRI, Perty Ernest Vincent Bandsman NSW
MENZIES, William Able Seaman NSW
MILLER, George James Cook (S) VIC
MILLER, James Douglas Haig Able Seaman VIC
MILLER, Kenneth Roscoe Ordinary Seaman VIC
MILLER, Martin Patrick Steward VIC
MILLER, Robert Alfred Stoker WA
MILVERTON. Peter Frederick Able Seaman QLD
MINNS, Leslie Charles Sick Berth Attendant VIC
MITCHELL, Francis Joseph Supply Assistant VIC
MOGLER, Richard Charles Stoker NSW
MORDAUNT, Francis Xavier Petty Officer Writer NSW
MORISEY, Ronald Able Seaman WA
MORPHETT, Merton James Cook (5) NSW
MORRIS, Edgar Percy Petty Officer NSW
MORRIS, Raymond Keith Able Seaman SA
MOULE, Albert Stoker NSW
MUDFORD, Leslie Francis Able Seaman VIC
MULHALL, John Dillon Bandsman NSW
MURDOCH, Raymond Charles Able Seaman SA
MURRAY, Malcolm Able Seaman WA
MUTCH, Hector MacDonald Able Seaman UK
MYERS, Henry William Stoker VIC
McAULAY, Angus Campbell Bandsman NSW
McAUSLAN, Arthur Robert ChiefEngineRoomArtificer VIC
McBAIN, Joseph Henry ChiefEngineRoomArtificer NSW
McCABE, Ernest Victor Able Seaman NSW
McCALLEM, Duncan Canteen Assistant UK
McCLAREN, Alfred Allan Petty Officer NSW
McCONNELL, Robert Nicol Stoker NSW
McCulloch, Sydney Able Seaman NSW
McCULLOUGH, Samuel James Wireman QLD
McDONALD, John Denis Able Seaman NSW
McDOUGALL, Wallace Able Seaman NSW
McGREGOR, Donald Alexander Cook(S) NSW
MCGOWAN, Thomas Henry Able Seaman VIC
McHAFFIE, Edward Hunter Painter I VIC
McKAY, Allan Murdoch Leading Supply Assistant NSW
McKECHNIE, Glen Morton Ordinary Seaman SA
McKENZIE, Donald James Able Seaman VIC
McKEOWN, Malachi James Able Seaman NSW
McLEAN, William Ernest Stoker Petty Officer NSW
McLEOD, Herbert Charles AlLeading Stoker VIC
McLEOD-SMITH, Albert Fraser Petty Officer WA
NESBITT, Jackson Able Seaman VIC
NEWMAN, Charles Albert Able Seaman VIC
NICHOLLS, Malcolm Godfrey Able Seaman WA
NICHOLS, Francis Roy Ordinary Seaman 2 TAS
NICOL, Thomas Enright Wireman NSW
NOBLE, Charles Taylor Reg Petty Officer NSW
NOELL, Alfred John Stoker WA
NORBERY, Stephen William Able Seaman QLD
NORMAN, Charles George James Able Seaman SA
NORMAN, Frederick William Leading Seaman WA
NORTON, John Thomas Henry Leading Stoker NSW
NORTON, Montague Alfred Huxley Engine Room Artificer 4 NSW
NORTON, William Frederick Cecil Able Seaman NSW
NUGENT, Cyril James Stoker VIC
NYAL, Leslie John Stoker 2 WA
OAKFORD, Philip James Ordinary Seaman TAS
O’BRIEN, Edward Bedford Shipwright 1 NSW
OGILVIE, Laurence Able Seaman VIC
OLIVER, Alan Henry Ordinary Seaman TAS
OPAS, Maurice Canteen Manager NSW
OWENS, Edward Harold Able Seaman NSW
PALING, Dennis Ross Able Seaman NSW
PARKES, Douglas Leon Able Seaman NSW
PARR, George Frederick Chief Electrical Artificer VIC
PARTINGTON, Leslie Warburton Bandsman NSW
PASCOE, Percival Holman Stoker WA
PASTOORS, William Cecil Stoker 2 NSW
PATRICK, Charles William Ordinary Seaman 2 QLD
PAUL, Stanley Robert Stoker QLD
PAYNE, John Robert Sick Berth Attendant VIC
PEAK, John McGhie Stoker WA
PEARCE, Eric Victor A/Engine Room Artificer 4 NSW
PELHAM, Frederick Charles Bandaman TAS
PERGER, Frederick James Able Seaman TAS
PERRYMAN, Richard Severn Able Seaman WA
PETERS, Maxwell Wesley Telegraphist SA
PETERSON, Peter William Stoker VIC
PHILLIPS, Frederick Ernest Able Seaman NSW
PIKE, John William Able Seaman NSW
PITT, William Harold Able Seaman NSW
PLATI Robert Stoker 2 VIC
POPLE, Alfred H.W. Band Corporal NSW
POTTER, Alfred William Ordinary Seaman VIC
POTTER, Clyde Ashby A/Supply Petty Officer WA
POWELL, Lyal Llewellyn Able Seaman NSW
PRIKE, Joseph John Able Seaman WA
PRIMMER, John Foster Roy Able Seaman QLD
PRITCHARD, Herbert Lloyd Ordnance Artificer 4 VIC
PSAILA, Samuel Canteen Assistant NSW
PULHAM, Edward George Montague A/Leading Stoker WA
PURDON, Eric Thomas Leading Seaman NSW
PURKISS, Cecil Edward Wireman NSW
PUTMAN, Albert Edward Ordinary Seaman VIC
QUILTY, John Edward A/Leading Seaman VIC
QUINN, George Frederick Petty Officer Cook (S) NSW
RAMSAY, Ernest Wilson Able Seaman WA
RANFORD, John Irvine Ordinary Telegraphist SA
RAY, Harold George Able Seaman QLD
REDFEARNE, Charles Hugh Stoker WA
REDMOND, Eric Neville Ordinary Signalman WA
REED, George Percival Writer VIC
REES, Robert John Ordinary Seaman TAS
REEVES, Ellis Leslie Able Seaman NSW
REEVES, Raymond Henry Ordinary Seaman NSW
REID, Graham Roy Signalman NSW
REILLY, James Brian A)Engine Room Artificer 4 VIC
REMFRY, Ernest John Able Seaman NSW
RICARDO, John Layton Chief Petty Officer Butcher NSW
RICE, Desmorid Maxwell Stoker 3 VIC
RICHARDS. Harold Nelson A/Engine Room Artificer 4 SA
RICHTER, Arthur John A/Supply Petty Officer NSW
RILEY, Edwin Martin Ordinary Seaman QLD
RIPPEN, Adolph Heinrich Gerhard Telegraphist WA
RITERS, Edward Able Seaman NSW
ROBERTS, Lyndon Irvine Stoker WA
ROBERTS, Ronald Charles Assistant Cook (0) VIC
ROBERTSON, Michael John Leading Seaman NSW
ROBERTSON, Thomas Noel A/Stoker Petty Officer NSW
ROBERTSON, William James Leading Cook VIC
ROGERS, Charles Allan Able Seaman NSW
ROGERS, Ralph Carey Signalman TAS
ROLFE, Edmund Sturgeon Able Seaman NSW
ROLLEY, Ernest David Steward QLD
ROSE yEAR, Geoffrey Able Seaman NSW
ROSE yEAR, Lance Able Seaman TAS
ROSS, Donald Petty Officer Steward NSW
ROSS, James Thompson Supply Petty Officer NSW
ROTHBAUM, Lionel Assistant Steward WA
ROWE, Allan Lawrence Able Seaman WA
ROWE, James Ronald J. Telegraphist WA
ROWE, Lindsay Thomas Stoker 2 VIC
ROWLANDS, Harold Edward Supply Chief Petty Officer NSW
RUDALL, Peter Sutherland Ordinary Seaman SA
SALMON, John Able Seaman NSW
SAMPSON, Louis Nicholas Supply Chief Petty Officer NSW
SANDS, William Archibald Martin Chief Petty Officer NSW
SAVAGE, Leonard Roydon Stoker VIC
SAWBRIDGE, George William Bandsman NSW
SCHACHE, Walter Herbert Chief Petty Officer Cook VIC
SCHMIDT, Alan Hartley Ordinary Seaman SA
SCHULZ, Raymond Arthur Stoker NSW
SCOTT, George Gillick A/Petty Officer NSW
SHADLOW, Eric Henry Stoker 2 NSW
SHEPHERD, Alfred Horwood A/Engine Room Artificer 4 WA
SHEPHERD, David John Chief Petty Officer Telegraphist NSW
SHIERS, Arthur Ernest Able Seaman SA
SHIPSTONE, Henry Buccleuch Petty Officer QLD
SHORT, Harry Kenneth Able Seaman WA
SIEVEY, Richard Thomas Ordinary Seaman NSW
SILK, Stanley George Chief Petty Officer ENG
SIMPSON, Benjamin Petty Officer Telegraphist NSW
SIMPSON, Charles Henry Able Seaman VIC
SIMPSON, Reginald Austin Ordinary Telegraphist SA
SLATER, Alec George Hamilton Assistant Cook VIC
SMITH, Allen Leslie Chief Electrical Artificer NSW
SMITH, Alfred James Stoker 2 lAS
SMITH, Cornelius Francis Able Seaman WA
SMITH, Douglas William Charles Engine Room Artificer 4 SA
SMITH, Ernest Edward Frederick Able Seaman WA
SMITH, George William Stoker 2 VIC
SMITH, Ronald George Singleton Engine Room Artificer 4 VIC
SMITH, Roy Clarence Supply Assistant NSW
SMITH, Roy Somerville Stoker QLD
SMITH, William Frederick Albert Able Seaman VIC
SMITH, William Harrison Randall Engine Room Artificer 3 VIC
SMITH, William Reginald Devine A/Petty Officer NSW
SOUTAR. William Nicoll Supply Assistant NSW
SPILLER, Harold James Able Seaman VIC
STAFF, Robert Frank Steward VIC
STAMMERS, Robert Cook WA
STANDISH, George Frederick Able Seaman SA
STEAR, Ernest Victor Lloyd Bandmaster VIC
STEED, Philip William Ordinary Seaman NSW
STEELE, Roy McLellan Morgan Able Seaman NSW
STENTON, Stanley Peter William Stoker 2 VIC
STEPHENS, George A/Yeoman of Signals NSW
STEPHENSON, Walter Thomas William Stoker TAS
STERLING, Leslie Able Seaman NSW
STEVENS, Horace John Bandsman TAS
STEVENSON, Robert Stoker 3 NSW
STRIDE, Cecil Meadus Stoker 2 NSW
STRIETHORST, Raymond Conrad Able Seaman NSW
STRIPE, Alexander Edward Able Seaman SA
STRUGNELL, John William Petty Officer NSW
STUART, James Richard Keith Stoker NSW
STUART, William Fancourt Writer VIC
STUBBS, Kimberley Stoker 2 WA
STURLA. James Robert Chief Stoker NSW
SUTTON, Denis O’Reilly Able Seaman WA
SUTTON, Kingsley A/Stoker Petty Officer VIC
TABOR, Frederick Arthur A/Leading Seaman SA
TASSEL, Harry Woodrow Petty Officer WA
TATTERS, George Nelson Able Seaman QLD
TAYLOR, John Telegraphist WA
TAYLOR, John Ernest Able Seaman QLD
TAYLOR, John McLean Able Seaman VIC
TAYLOR, Keith Ordinary Seaman VIC
TAYLOR, Kenneth George Able Seaman WA
TAYLOR. Rupert Allenby Leading Stoker TAS
TENNANT, Ronald George Engine Room Artificer 3 NSW
THOMPSON, Harry Edward Wireman VIC
THOMPSON, William Raymond Stoker NSW
THOMSON, Archibald James Stoker WA
TRENBATH, Jack Stephen Stoker 3 NSW
TREN WITH, Harry George Stoker Petty Officer NSW
TRIGGS. Robert Master-at-Arms QLD
TUFFIN, Edwin Daniel Able Seaman WA
TURK, Herbert Able Seaman NSW
TURNER, George Alfred Ordinary Seaman 2 VIC
TURNER, Harold Signalman NSW
TURNER, Kenneth James Ordinary Seaman VIC
TURNER, William Ross Able Seaman WA
TYLDSLEY, James Chief Yeoman of Signals NSW
TYLER, Charles Desmond Bandsman VIC
UNWIN, John Edward Able Seaman VIC
UREN, Thomas William James Leading Steward VIC
VASSETT, Alexander William Electrical Artificer 1 VIC
VOGT, Ronald Matthew Able Seaman SA
WAIT, Howard Thomas Charles A/Supply Petty Officer NSW
WALDRON, Thomas Arthur Stoker 2 VIC
WALKER, Arthur Joseph Cook NSW
WALKER, Edward John Yeoman of Signals NSW
WALKER, Kenneth James Able Seaman VIC
WALKER, William Albert Gordon Leading Signalman WA
WALLACE, William Raymond Stoker NSW
WALSH, Gordon Stuart Supply Assistant SA
WALSH, Michael Henry Joseph Able Seaman VIC
WARD, Frederick Ernest Charles Able Seaman WA
WARD, James Joseph Richard Leading Stoker NSW
WARE, Leonard Frank Joiner 3 NSW
WARREN, Vincent Bandsman VIC
WAYE, Leonard William A/Leading Stoker SA
WEBB, Arthur Charles Able Seaman VIC
WEBB, Oliver Ernest Raymond A/Petty Officer NSW
WELLER, Royce Henry A/Shipwright 4 TAS
WHITE, Hans James Leo Signalman VIC
WHITE, Robert George Able Seaman NSW
WHITFIELD, Leonard William Chief Petty Officer Writer NSW
WHITHEAR, Alan George Stoker NSW
WILLIAMS, Alfred David Able Seaman NSW
WILLIAMS, David Leslie A/Petty Officer NSW
WILLIAMS, John Bruce Stoker 2 VIC
WILLIAMS, John Harris Stoker 2 WA
WILLIAMSON, Maurice Douglas Leading Stoker TAS
WILLIAMSON, Sydney Thomas Lawrence A/Petty Officer VIC
WILLIS, George Boyd Able Seaman NSW
WILLIS, Percy John Christian Plumber 1 NSW
WILLIS, Lloyd Martin Cook (0) NSW
WILLIS, Ronald Verdun Steward QLD
WILSON, Clifford Telegraphist NSW
WILSON, Jack Stanley Able Seaman SA
WILSON, Roderick Richard Sick Berth Attendant SA
WILSON, Roy Wedden Dawes Ordinary Seaman NSW
WINDHAM, Russel Bertram Ordinary Telegraphist SA
WITTON, Bertram Linsay A/Leading Telegraphist WA
WIXTED, Ronald James Stoker 2 NSW
WOOD, Arthur Thomas Able Seaman WA
WOODCROFT, William George Leading Steward VIC
WOODHAMS, Reginald Bernard Craig Stoker 2 WA
WOODS, William Raymond A/Engine Room Artificer 4 WA
WOODSFORD, Alfred Charles A/Leading Seaman SA
WOOLMORE. Laurence Thomas Ordnance Artificer 2 VIC
WORSLEY, William Cornelius A/Electrical Artificer 4 NSW
WRIGHT, Charles Alan Able Seaman TAS
WRIGHt Charles Patrick Signalman TAS
WRIGHt Harold Douglas Assistant Steward NSW
WYATT, Eric William Telegraphist SA
YEOMAN, Walter Clifford Stoker NSW
YORK, Leonard Denis Able Seaman NSW
YOUNG, John Robinson Able Seaman QLD
ZAMMITT, Salvatore Canteen Manager NSW