ABRP Peter 'Sleepy' BARTON

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Real Full Name: Daniel Ominski
Rank and Rate/Category: CPOCSM
Enlistment Date: 10 Jan 1973
Date of Discharge: 09 Jan 1996
Ships and Depots Served: HMA Leeuwin, Watson, Brisbane, Hobart, Perth, Navy Office, Stuart, Derwent, Swan

ABRP Peter 'Sleepy' BARTON

Post by aussiecuz »

Hi all,

Does anyone out there know the whereabouts of ex ABRP Peter "Sleepy" BARTON. He used to live in Cabramatta in Sydney (Many dog watches ago !!!) and believe he may have moved to the southern parts of New South Wales back in the '80's. Perry Furk and Myself would like to catch up with sleepy if anyone knows a contact address or phone number for him.

Yours Aye

Dan O :D
Rockingham WA

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Real Full Name: Nigel Marsh
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Enlistment Date: 08 Jan 1975
Date of Discharge: 06 Jan 1986
Ships and Depots Served: Leeuwin Cerebus Platypus Vendetta Swan Penguin MSO Harman NO Jervis Bay Swan Stalwart FOCAF Warnambool Stuart

Re: ABRP Peter 'Sleepy' BARTON

Post by swampee »

Shouldnt be too hard to find if he still lives in Cabra, cause he would be the only non Viet that lives there, cheers
Good luck
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