Clearance Diving Team 3 Deployments
Nominal List of Personnel


The Secretary of the Navy takes pleasure in presenting the Meritorious Unit Commendation to RAN Clearance Diving Team Three for service as set forth in the following citation:

"For meritorious achievement while conducting defence and surveillance operations in the harbors of Vung Tau, Cam Ranh Bay, Qui Nhon, and Nha Trang, in the Republic of Vietnam during the period 19 February through 30 June 1967.

As a part of the Inshore Undersea Warfare Group ONE, Western Pacific Detachment, the Royal Australian Navy Clearance Diving Team THREE displayed well-coordinated effort and exemplary performance of duty during the planning and establishment phase of the counterinsurgency operations. Although operating in an environment where the United States Navy had virtually no past experience, detachment personnel were instrumental in denying enemy forces freedom of movement within assigned harbors.

Harbor Defence units detected, boarded and searched large numbers of suspect junks and craft, contributing significantly to the curtailment of acts of sabotage and the flow of enemy supplies. Through their initiative, versatility, reliability and professional competence, the officers and men of the Royal Australian Navy Clearance Diving Team THREE reflected great credit upon themselves and the Royal Australian Navy, and upheld the highest traditions of the naval service."

Nominal Lists

First contingent
February 5th 1967 - August 29th 1967

Officer-in - Charge
Lieutenant M. T. E. Shotter RAN

Petty Officer
R 52167 POCD B. V. Clark

Leading Seamen
R57829 LSCD P. Boettcher
R62377 LSCD P. C. Kember

Able Seamen
R93876 ABCD G. D. Lassau
R93888 ABCD P. A. Magnuson

Second contingent
August 12, 1967 - February 11, 1968

Lieutenant R. J. Burns, GM, RAN

Petty Officer
R37368 POCD R. A. Donne

Leading Seamen
R93186 LSCD M. J. Currie
R58122 LSCD B. A. Blake
Able Seamen
R63807 ABCD D. C. Trompp
R94154 ABCD P. J. Zegenhagen

Third contingent
February 11, 1968 - September 3, 1968

Officer- i n -Charge
Lieutenant W. D. H. Lees RAN
Petty Officer
R56583 POCD W. H. Ellery
Leading Seaman
R56898 LSCD D. Winckle
Able Seamen
R64433 ABCD J. B. Branch
R94395 ABCD R. Cocks
R64198 ABCD J. R. Henry
 Fourth contingent
August 12, 1968 - March 4, 1969

Officer- in-Charge
Lieutenant C. J. Littleton RAN
Petty Officers
R51893 POCD R. J. Cox
R52721 POCD B. W. Wilson
Leading Seaman
R94107 LSCD D. N. Rhook
 Able Seamen
R94402 ABCD C. L. Darling
R94851 ABCD R. H. Spicer
 Fifth contingent
February 10, 1969 - August 21, 1969

Lieutenant A. A. Davis RAN
Petty Officers
R50410 POCDJ. R. Brumley
R51758 POCD A. V. Rashleigh

Able Seamen

R62189 ABCD M. H. Ey
R64687 ABCDJ. L. Garrett
R95038 ABCD A. J. Sherlock

Sixth contingent
August 12, 1969 - March 10, 1970

Officer- i n - Charge
Lieutenant A. Donald RAN

Petty Officers
R54635 POCD B. J. Bailey
R51305 POCD J. Thompson

Leading Seaman
R63936 LSCD B. J. Bullock

Able Seamen
R65093 ABCD R. A. Barclay
R94293 ABCDJ. C. Pocklington

Seventh contingent
March 10, 1970 - October 29, 1970

Lieutenant R. S. Blue RAN

Chief Petty Officer
R36395 CPOCDJ. M. Dollar

Petty Officer
R54055 POCDJ. W. Kershier

Leading Seaman
R66029 LSCD R. L. Steer

Able Seamen
R63 109 ABCD C. Kingston
R62713 ABCD B. K. Wojcik
(Killed June 22, 1970)

R93944 ABCD J. A. Aldenhoven
joined July 8, 1970
Eighth contingent
October 14, 1970 - May 5, 1971
 Officer- in - Charge
Lieutenant B. W. Linton, BEM, RAN
Chief Petty Officer
R49435 CPOCDJ.J. Gilchrist
Petty Officer
R94081 POCD P. C. Narramore
Able Seamen
R95851 ABCD L.J. Digney
R64620 ABCD A. L. Ey
R94207 ABCD B. J. Furner

A total of 49 Clearance Divers had officially served in South Vietnam during the period February 1967 through to May 1971. Many years later it was revealed that six members of CDT1 had made a brief visit to the Saigon/Nha Be area during May and June '66. Their short 'visit' has never been officially acknowledged by Government authorities.

They were:

L/CDR Alistair Cuthbert
POCD John Kershler
LSCD Harry Brankstone
LSCD Derek Bartholomai
ABCD John Pocklington
ABCD Paul Wright

On arrival back on Australian soil, Clearance Diving Team 3 was officially disbanded, with the proviso "to be reformed again at the discretion of the Australian Naval Board".

A Summary of CDT 3 Statistics 1967 - 1971

Ship's Searched: 7,573
Major Diving Tasks: 153
Explosive Devices removed from Ships: 78
Ordnance destroyed (unpredictable explosive items) : 42,000
Special Operations: 68
Casualties: 1 killed - 1 wounded

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