Replenishment At Sea

Taken from the AA Control of HMAS Brisbane whilst replenishing, looking aft to USS America closing up on the US Fleet Oiler for RAS (L) Off Persian Gulf 1981

Heaving in and connecting up 'The Probe' - Refuelling or RASing. By passing lines between two ships and connecting the 'span wire' to a strong point onboard the receiving ship, at a distance of between 80 - 120 feet apart. The RAS Party would heave in on the 'hose line' and the probe would travel down the span wire until it slammed home in its receiving 'bell' housing. Once connected up the engineers would start pumping and fill our tanks. Service was poor no-one ever once offered to check the oil or wipe the windows! Ship's in a combat or operational environment RASed daily or at least every 2nd day and generally in the middle of the night!

Dual Probe refuelling - Two transfer points one forward and one aft, simultaneously, this necessitates two RAS crews and sometimes stretches manpower resources when the ship has to remain closed up in operational 'Defence Stations'. Especially if you carried out a Jackstay or Highline stores transfer amidships at the same time. HMAS Brisbane, USS Cimmaron, monsoon season NW Indian Ocean 1984.

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