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HMAS CANBERRA1976 viewsCANBERRA Carries out its last 76mm Gun Firing. A rare 80 Round Burst. A must see! You will need a broadband connection capable of 150K or more to view this video.1 commentsstones12/19/06 at 12:59skyhawk: impressive
705 views1 commentsstones08/01/06 at 01:47Alsona: :lol: a pretty big drop yeah :lol:
1429 views4 commentsstones07/31/06 at 15:41Warreen 1950: Five star Williamstown Ships with 5 star crews
2116 views2 commentsstones07/02/06 at 22:59Harry Harris: Hicksy you bastard, still alive!!
1201 views1 commentsstones06/28/06 at 11:32simon: this is actually the HMAS Hobart....
HMAS PARRAMATTA963 viewsSTRIKE DEEP1 commentsstones06/06/06 at 11:51Rob: :lol: very hard to find photos of Parra, '61-'91. ...
HMAS PENGUIN1525 viewsSYDNEY, NSW3 commentsstones06/06/06 at 08:44chris: lots of history there,gteat fun at sum and diving ...
Tiger Temple - Kanchanaburi546 views1 commentsstones06/05/06 at Great shots fills in all the gaps of a heartfelt c...
1090 views1 commentsstones05/20/06 at 18:07Coulter: Good to see the boats still going strong even afte...
1000 Miles Away2251 viewsA Navy PR movie that never quite made it onto the charts. I don't know why it is an excellent clip.3 commentsstones05/16/06 at 04:09Matty: Ohhhh come and get some send me to sea now!!!!
2116 views2 commentsstones05/13/06 at 09:50wayne hicks: I served on hmas hobart 91/92 great memeries
1568 views1 commentsstones05/10/06 at 12:12dwi: :oops:
RIMPAC - HAWAII1702 viewsDDGS's & 'O' Boats get a shot away in Hawaii whilst on Excercise RIMPAC. These are Ads the Navy would like to forget about in this now 'politically correct' world. Although there is no getting away from the fact 'Jack' still likes beer and girls.1 commentsstones05/06/06 at 13:21scalliwag: What a shame the Navy had to change so much, bring...
Pride Of The Fleet Is You Vol 11608 viewsNavy recruiting ad from 19811 commentsstones04/22/06 at 02:37DDasher: Fantstic, brings back memories, couldn't get it to...
1779 views1 commentsstones04/18/06 at 13:15Dumbstruck: Brisbane leading Hobart, and while Brisbanes not l...
1429 views4 commentsstones04/18/06 at 12:54Gson of 20-year vet: I still reckon the guns shuold be bigger again, li...
825 views1 commentsstones03/06/06 at 04:26nev hoey: excellent sea action captured within the painting....
Private Bruce Kingsbury VC at Kokoada, New Guinea, WW2690 viewsA description of the fighting on the Kokoda Trail, New Guinea and the award of the Victoria Cross to Private Bruce Kingsbury1 commentsstones02/07/06 at 16:39JACK: do you allow viewers to copy movies
1000 Miles Away2251 viewsA Navy PR movie that never quite made it onto the charts. I don't know why it is an excellent clip.3 commentsstones01/31/06 at 13:03Furious: Fantastic - excellent clip
HMAS TORRENS slips into a watery grave962 viewsTorrens hit by a Submarine Fired Mk 48 Torpedo in a SINKEX. This clip was used in the recent hollywood movie 'Pearl Harbor'1 commentsstones01/11/06 at 19:04PJ: The death of a ship I always find bothersome, but ...
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