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Australia's Finest1648 viewsAustralian Defence Forces In Action1 commentsstones
The Navy, Dicovers and Protects Australia919 viewsCaptain Coook's first sighting of Australia - through to Feferation and the formation of the Royal Australian Navystones
Kokoda Trail or Track? Which Is It?785 viewsThe debate has gone on for years - this video may answer your questions as to how the Kokoda Trail got its name - New Guinea World War 2stones
Private Bruce Kingsbury VC at Kokoada, New Guinea, WW2657 viewsA description of the fighting on the Kokoda Trail, New Guinea and the award of the Victoria Cross to Private Bruce Kingsbury1 commentsstones
Album Title Image934 viewsstones
The Dersert Rats - Siege Of Tobruk WW2672 viewsThe story of the famous Desert Rats in North Africa in WW2 and how their story applies to the ADF todaystones
The Sinking Of HMAS ARMIDALE in WW2822 viewsThe story of the sinking of HMAS ARMIDALE by the Japanese in Woeld War 2 and the valor of Ordinary Seaman Teddy Sheean.stones
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