Thailand - Burma Railway Center, Panel 4



T.B.R.C. Co. Ltd.
73 Jaokunnen Road, Ban Nua
Kanchanaburi, Thailand 71000

Phone 034 521 721
Fax     034 510 067



Special Feature

The Thai-Burma Railway Centre holds extensive wartime records in a research room. The records are available to visitors upon request. There is also a computer based record of most of the Allied prisoners of war that died on the railway.

Historical Railway Tours

A variety of personalised and in depth railway tours are available. Visit our web site for details.


Kanchanaburi is located 128 Klms West of bangkok. The Centre is on the Western side of the Main Kanchanaburi Allied War Cemetery. The cemetery is located on the left o the main street 1 Klm from the City Centre.

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