Survey Ships & Vessels


Hydrographic Survey Ships (AGS)


The Surveying of Australia's and Papua New Guinea's Waters which consists of 30,000 Klms of coastline is a big task carried out by the R.A.N. Hydrographic Service.


They carry three Survey Motor Boats (SMBs), one inflatable and several light utility boats. Spare accomodation for an extra nine persons is available.


Name Laid Down Launched Commissioned
Leeuwin 30AUG96 18JUL97 OCT98
Melville MAY97 AUG98 MAY99



Builder: North Queensland Engineers and Agents (NQEA), Cairns.
Displacement: 2550 Tonnes
Length: 71.2 Metres
Beam: 15.2 metres
Machinery: Four GEC deisels, electric drive, two shafts, bow thruster.
Speed: 15 Knots
Aircraft: One light helicopter.
Complement: 42.


Survey Motor Launches - (SML)


Based on the 'Prince of Wales' roll on-roll off passenger ferries built by Eglo Engineering of Adelaide, Sth Australia. The twin hulls with bulbous bows and raked transom provide good stability in heavy seas. Also the catamaran hull sits well out of the water drawing only 1.9 metres. Each SML carries the very latest in survey and computerised hydrographic data processing equipment. They are also fitted with the latest navigation aids.


Name No. Laid Down Launched Commissioned
Paluma AGSC01 FEB88 06FEB89 27FEB89
Mermaid AGSC02 OCT88 28SEP89 04DEC89
Shepparton AGSC03 NOV88 05DEC89 24JAN90
Benalla AGSC04 FEB89 31JAN90 20MAR90


Builders: Eglo Engineering, Sth Australia.
Displacement: 310 Tonnes
Length: 36.6 Metres
Beam: 13.7 Metres
Machinery: Two Detroit V12 Deisels
Speed: 12 Knots
Complement: 12