'Spin Me A Dit' - Navy Anecdotes & Memorabilia




Amusing Anecdotes From Life In A Blue Suit!

The names have not been changed because the guilty are just that!


Dit:    Pussers Slang for a story whether told verbally, written (book), or movie.


To 'Spin a Dit' is to tell a story whether serious, funny or sad.


Navigate through these humorous pages of 'Life in a Blue Suit'. All these incidents actually took place. Whilst my memory is sometimes a little clouded by time the substance is correct as I remember it to be. This section is dedicated to an old mate of mine Craig 'Charlie' Mumford, a Navy Gunner,who, sadly passed away a few years ago long before his time was due.




Above From left: 'Windy' Hill, 'Stones' Graystone, 'Charlie' Mumford, 'Rick O'Shea - a weekend at the Hiroshima Peace Park and A-Bomb Museum (in background), Japan. Sipping a cold tinnie of Kirin Beer and of course O'shea eating as usual, this bloke would bite the crutch out of a low flying duck! HMAS Derwent Far East Deployment 1978.


Spinning Dits is a big part of Naval life.  In times of utmost boredom and hardship during lengthy, uneventful periods at sea, it was what kept you entertained, and was vital to morale.


In The Gunnery Messdeck - HMAS DERWENT 1978. Dedicated to Bruce Jackson (left in photo)


3 'Foxhole' Gunnery Mess of HMAS STUART Up Top 1974