Seaking & Seahawk Helos


S-70B-2 Seahawk Helicopter



Sixteen Seahawks were bought by the RAN from October 1989 to equip the Adelaide Class FFGs. The Seahawk's role is, primarily, Anti-Submarine (ASW) and Anti-Surface Surveillance and Targeting (ASST). The helo has a limited search and rescue and troop transport capability. For tactical ops it has a 360 degree search radar, acoustic processor magnetic anomaly detector, two external weapons stations for torpedoes, external fuel tanks, a door mounted machine gun and can carry up to 30 sonobuoys.


Length: 21.2 Metres (rotors spread)
Height: 5.1 Metres
Width: 4.4 Metres, 16.4 Metres main rotor diameter.
Maximum Weight: 21,884 pounds
Power Plant: 2 x T-700 GE- 410C Front Drive turboshaft
Max Speed: 180 Knots
Max Range: 700 NM, 2 X External Fuel Tanks 1295 Klms
Crew: 3 (1 pilot, 1 Tactical Coordinator, 1 Sensor Operator)
Weapons: 2 x Mk 46 AS Torpedoes - 1 x 7.62 MAG 58 GPMG



Westland Sea King




The Sea King has been in operation with the RAN since 1976. Although, originally a US design they were built by Westland Helicopters in the UK. The primary role of the Sea King is provide a medium lift capability to the fleet. Other roles include anti-surface warfare providing over the horizon targeting, search and rescue and army support. The Sea King can carry three tonnes externally and can accomodate up to 23 troops. It is also capable of carrying and launching AS weapons.


Length: 22.1 metres
Height: 5.1 Metres
Width: 18.9 metres (rotor spread)
Engines: Two Rolls Royce Gnome H1400-1 gas turbines
Max Weight: 21,000 pounds
Max Speed: 138 Knots
Max Range: 1000 NM
Crew: 4
Weapons: 2 x Mk 46 AS Torpedoes - 2 x Mk 11 Depth Charges