Photo Memorabilia Page 1


Photo Memorabilia Page 1


The first Famous "Gutter Smokey" at Sembawang Village, Singapore. HMAS STUART Far East Deployment 1974. These were to become an annual event to celebrate the end of deployment and return to 'Oz'. "Stuart" Would return just in time to assist Darwin in the Cyclone 'Tracy' disaster.

Gutter Party 1974


The 2nd Famous "Gutter Smokey" at Sembawang Village, Singapore. HMAS DERWENT Far East Deployment 1975. The best just kept getting better. Since the bars closed at midnight a 15 mile run into Singapore City to Bugis Street was in order for those left standing.
Gutter Party 1975


POUW Bob 'Boing Boing' Spring and PORP 'Sheepshead' Mcleod Playing 'Uckers'. PO's Mess HMAS BRISBANE -1981 Persian Gulf Deployment. 'Uckers' is the popular Naval version of Ludo, with a unique set of rules, often played at a frenetic pace and with much spite and verbal abuse.
Uckers Game POs Mess


From the left: 'Stones' Graystone, Merv "Slinger" Woods, Miss 'Baby' Luisa B. Rivera, 'Windy' Hill and Glen 'Hammer' Hasler ashore in Manila (HMAS DERWENT Far East Deployment 1978).Baby was Barney Hanson's girl, but alas he was at home in Oz. I wonder if Slinger got a job with Jim's Mowing when he paid off. Manila 1978


Pinky Tattoo - The Mecca of many sailors for many years. Situated above the Neptune Bar, Lockhart Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong. During the Vietnam R&R era when the bars closed at midnight in HK, Pinkys was the only place to get a beer through till dawn. The hazard with this was that a tattoo was often in order. Chairs had sections of car tires nailed to the backs to bite on when recieving 'back jobs'. Pinkys Tattoo


Every sailor visting Hong Kong is familiar with Suzie's Side Party. These young Chinese girls were orphans whom Suzie took in. Their schooling was paid for by the extensive work they carried out on visiting warships, mostly painting, which was by far superior in quality to that of the majority of sailors.. They would also scrounge food scraps from outside the cafe at meal times then muster on the quarterdeck and eat it. Suzie also ran the 'goffa' box which was the saviour of many a hungover sailor in the mornings. Suzie would be on the wharf waiting as the ship came alongside, with a large bouquet of flowers to win the contract from the XO for painting the side.


The Famous "Beaney Boys" or Kai Tais of Bugis Street Singapore. They were all Transvestites and used to appear in Bugis Street soon after midnight. The Sailors would flock to Bugis Street to drink and cavort with the Beanies until sunup. This was after the bars in Sembawang closed. They could be good fun but it was wise not to ever upset them.


HMAS Brisbane replenishment with a US Carrier whilst on Station off the Persian Gulf during the Iran - Iraqi war 1981. R.A.N. Ships were attached to the US Task Group and spent 4 weeks on Station (called Gonzo Station) at a time, interspersed with R&R in places such as Mombasa, Seychelles, Mauritius, Bombay and Dar Es Salaam.


This one's a request for "Tripod" Blake. This was Derwent's Gunnery Mess local in Subic Bay, Philippines, The Pussy Cat Bar, later to become the Cassandra Disco. Mama Fay pictured here with a few of the girls ran a pretty good place and looked after us well. Blokes here are "Gus" Ridley, "Pommie Alison", "Ocker" Collins and myself.


The Gunnery Mess Smokey - Kirbys Place - Manila 1978. Its was customary for each member of the Mess to contribute one dollar per pay to the Mess Fund which commenced many months before a ship deployed to the Far East. The money was then used to finance broke sailors throughout the deployment, which was paid back with interest. Well into the deployment a party or 'smokey' was held and the contributions were put towards an all expenses paid smokey.