Navy Snapshot 1964-65 page 3


RAN Order Of Battle 1964 - 1965


1x Aircraft Carrier: H.M.A.S. Melbourne (Flagship)

3x Daring Class destroyers: H.M.A. Ships Vendetta, Vampire and Duchess

4x Type 12 frigates: H.M.A. Ships Parramatta, Stuart, Yarra and Derwent

1x Battle Class destroyer: H.M.A.S. Anzac (Fleet training ship)

6x “Ton” Class minesweepers: H.M.A. Ships Hawk, Gull, Curlew, Ibis, Snipe and Teal

3x Submarines: H. M. Submarines Trump, Taciturn and Tabard (Operated by the RAN, on loan from R.N.)


In Reserve:


1x Battle Class destroyer: H..M.A.S. Tobruk

1x Tribal Class destroyer: H.M.A.S. Arunta

3x “Q” Class frigates: H.M.A. Ships Queenborough, Quickmatch and Quiberon




1x Fast Transport: H.M.A.S. Sydney (also used for training)

1x Fleet Replenishment Tanker: H.M.A.S. Supply

2x Survey vessels: H.M.A. Ships Moresby and Paluma

2x Training and oceanographic frigates: H.M.A. Ships Diamantina and Gascoyne

2x General purpose vessels: H.M.A. Ships Bass and Banks

1x Boom vessel H.M.A.S. Kirnbla (trials)


In Reserve:


1x Frigate: H.M.A.S. Culgoa

1x Survey vessel: H.M.A.S. Barcoo

Minor vessels: Tugs, Boom Ships and small support craft




Ix CHARLES F. ADAMS Class destroyer: H.M.A.S. Perth




2x CHARLES F. ADAMS Class destroyers: H.M.A.S. Hobart (commissioning November, 1965) H.M.A.S. Brisbane (commissioning September, 1967)


1x Escort Maintenance Ship - Keel laid June, 1964; due for completion in 1967


4x OBERON Class Submarines: H.M.A. Submarines Oxley, Otway, Ovens and Onslow (One due for delivery each year 1966-1969)


2x Type 12 frigates: Construction to begin early 1965




723 Squadron: Helicopter pilot training and search and rescue duties


724 Squadron: Various aircraft involved in fixed-wing pilot training,communications and Fleet requirement duties. This Squadron also includes a “Front-Line” unit of Venom Jet fighters 725 Squadron: Wessex anti-submarine helicopter operational training


816 Squadron: “Front-Line” Squadron of Gannet anti-submarine aircraft


817 Squadron: “Front-Line” Squadron ofWessex anti-submarine helicopters