Naval Pay Scales - 1965

Pay Scales For The R.A.N. in 1965

Australia Changed to decimal currency 14th February 1966,   £ (Pound) = $2.00



Below: A Leading Seaman Gunner at Sea and Up Top 10 Years Later.


Payment was made fortnightly (every two weeks on the second Thursday). Hands would clear lower deck and muster on the Quarterdeck, fallen in and facing towards the pay table, paying officer, witnessing officer, Writer Rating, and CPOCOX and Staff.


Pays were made to Junior Sailors in Alphabetical Order and when your name was called you stepped smartly forward and saluted, holding your ID card up to the face of the witnessing offficer and stating in a loud clear voice the last three numbers of your official numer. In my case it was.



"Sir, Five Seven Four, Sir!


With that the Writer would check your name off and nod to the paying officer who would then hand you your pay.


Payment was also used as a means of checking sailors dress and appearance, especially for haircuts. The Ship's Coxswain would always be standing by the pay table taking names of sailors whose hair or sideburns were too long or their dress and appearance was in poor shape. The 'Swain' was always also ready to give gentle personal tuition on the correct method of saluting to those slack sailors who were apt to forget from time to time.



HDA = Higher Duties allowance.


HLM = Hard Lying Money or what is known today as Seagoing Allowance.


GCIs = Good Conduct Increments, awarded every five years if you have been a good boy.


Other = What was known as Strategic Reserve Allowance. (being 'Up Top' Basically).


MA, SA or PA = Marriage Allowance, Separation Allowance or In Port Allowance, the one listed here is In Port Allowance as I was not married. In Port allowance were paid according to the port and number of days alongside.
In the days before equality married men were paid an exta marriage allowance or if the were deployed they received a little more in the way of 'Separation Allowance'.


UA = Uniform Maintenance Allowance - the only component of our pay that was not taxed.


Tax = Speaks for itself


BFC = DFRDB, Defence Force Retirements Benefits Fund (Super and Pension). No longer exists today, in fact you cannot today serve 20 years in the Australian Defence Forces, retire after 20 years and receive a pension. You now must wait until the National Retiring age for service personnel at 55. Our politicians changed this law by act of parliment in the early 1990s - whilst at the same time keeping the privilage for themselves for serving less than half the time. Not a bad lurk for a politician who has never had to confront anything more agressive than an angry dog.


Allotments - What are now called deductions and direct debits - I had $50.00 per pay going to a loan for a $2995.00 Toyota Carolla and can't for the life of me remember what the $16.00 was going to.