Guided Missile Frigate FFG


Guided Missile Frigates - FFG


The R.A.N commissioned 6 Adelaide Class Frigates based on the USA Oliver Hazard Perry Class. The First four ships were built in the US at Todd Shipyard in Seattle,  with the last two being built in Australia at Williamstown Victoria..


These ships provide long range escort duties and are capable of air defence and anti submarine duties.


These ships have seen active service in the Middle East and were also the R.A.N's first escort ships to carry a helicopter.



Name No. Laid Down Launched Commisioned
Adelaide 01 29APR77 21JUN78 15NOV80
Canberra 02 01MAR78 01DEC78 21MAR81
Sydney 03 16JAN80 26SEP80 29JAN83
Darwin 04 03JUL81 26MAR82 21JUL84
Melbourne 05 12JUL85 05MAY89 15FEB92
Newcastle 06 21JUL89 21FEB92 11DEC93




Builders: Todd Pacific Ship Yard Corp. Seattle USA (01-04)
Transfield Ship Building Pty Ltd. Victoria Australia (05-06)


Displacement: 4100 Tonnes

Length: 138 metres

Beam: 13.7 Metres


Harpoon Anti Ship Missile
Standard Anti Air Missile
Mk 97 Fire Control System
One 76mm Mk75 Rapid Fire Gun
One Phalanx Mk15 CIWS
2x Triple A/S Torpedo tubes


Machinery: 2x GE LM2500 Gas Turbines geared to one controllable pitch propellor.

Speed: 30 Knots

Aircraft: Two Helos s70B-2 Seahawk or one Seahawk + one AS350B Squirrel.

Complement 210