Dance Of The Flamers - Bugis Street


Bugis Street Singapore Dance Of The Flamers




Bugis Street Singapore - RAN Sailors entertaining the locals and civilian tourists alike by performing the sailors 'ritualistic' 'Dance Of The Flamers',  or aka,  'Dance Of The Flaming Arseholes' on top of the Public Toilet (Dunny roof) in Bugis Street, Singapore,


Oppos on the ground cheering on enthuisiatically  would chant the famous "Haul em down you Zulu Warrior" song whilst the matelots on the roof performed their act.


Over the years this became almost a mandatory excercise for sailors on visiting ships and although it may seem to many to be a gross act of indecency it was generally well received by sometimes up to hundreds of tourists and locals. The Kai Tais (Transvestites) certainly didn't mind the show either.


By the mid seventies Singapore's now well known draconian laws started a crack down on this type of lewd behaviour and sailors were arrested at gunpoint by the local authorities for performing this act. By this time those sailors brave enough to try it were dealt with severely and even shipped home to Australia in disgrace. So endeth another 'Tradition'. Thanks to my old mate 'Tripod' Blake for sending in this photo.



Above: LSUW Al Simmo Simpson performs and impromptu Dance of The Flamers outside the Navies Bar in Sembawang Village