Collins Class Submarines




The R.A.N's Latest aquisition to its Sub Fleet eventually replacing the Oberon Class. The Collins is a highly advanced boat. It has better manoeuvrability than the Oberons and are designed for 'quiet' operations and fuel efficiency.


All of these new Boats have been named in Honour of famous and Heroic members of the R.A.N.



No. Name Laid Down Launched Commissioned
73 Collins 14Feb90 28Aug93 27Jul96
74 Farncmob 01Mar91 15Dec95 31Jan98
75 Waller 07Feb92 14Mar97 Oct 98
76 Dechaineux 19Mar92 12Mar98 Oct99
77 Sheehan 17Feb94 Mar99 Aug2000
78 Rankin 12May95 Jan2000 Jun2001


Builder: Australian Submarine Corporation, Adelaide, South Australia
Displacement: 3,350 Tonnes
Length: 77 Metres
Beam: 8 Metres
Armament: Six Bow weapons - Missiles or Torpedoes
Machinery: One Jeaumont Schneider 5.4 Megawatt main Motor. Three Hedemora 18 Cylinder 4 Stroke Turbo Deisels and 3 Jeaumont Schneider generators.
Speed: Submerged Speed more than 20 Knots
Complement: 42