These Sea Shanties are Classic, timeless pieces of Mariners Folklore which are, sadly, never heard in the Hi-Tech Missile age navies of today.

These Albums were recorded by an Amercian by the name of Oscar brand - The First Album - 'Bawdy Sea Shanties' was recorded in 1958 and is accredited to be the first ever Stereophonic Vinyl Record ever produced. This album contains Sea Shanties from mainly the British Royal Navy and some date back hundreds of years.

The second Album, 'Every Inch A Sailor' is predominantly United States Navy Shanties and Ballads and many are about the USN in WW2.

But most of these 'ditties' originated from the Royal Navy and have been handed down over hundreds of years, modified, added to and subtracted from, however these versions are as close to the originals for their time as is possible.

Use the panel below to select the tune that you want. Although I have 'digitally remastered' them and fully restored them from my original vinyls that I purchased in Sembawang, Singapore in 1970 the versions available here are mono, 11000 Mhz internet quality mp3s only. Enjoy!


The songs listed here are from the US Navy, many from the WW2 era.

Destroyer Life
(An Open Letter) To A Wave
Guantanamo Bay
The Reuben James
Steam Torpedo
Barnacle Bill
Home Boys Home
The Captain
Didn't She Ramble
The Battle Of Ormoc Bay
Laws Of The Navy
Sub Division Nine
We Aint Goin To Sea No More

The songs listed here emanated from the Royal Navy (UK) and date back centuries in some cases.

You're A Liar
Good Ship Venus
We Set Sail
Can't Ya Dance The Polka
Bell Bottom Trousers
A Clean Song
Johnny Come Down The Hilo
Backside Rules The Navy
Blow The Man Down
Jinny Wren Bride
Keyhole In The Door
There's Nothing Else To Do
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