Seaman David Tracey BRISBANE Kenya 81

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Seaman David Tracey BRISBANE Kenya 81

Post by stones » Tue Apr 02, 2019 9:18 am

Andrew ( sent a message using the contact
form at

Good afternoon Russell, I am doing some research on my brother, , who was killed in a car accident on 6/6/1981, whilst serving on the
HMAS Brisbane. I believe you were also on the ship at that time. As I was
only 11 at the time, my memory is a little vague. I remember my parents
getting upset when they saw a TV advertisement for the RAN - so I went
looking, and found the first of the "Pride of the Sea" videos. At the 25
second mark, there is a shot where helicopter winches someone out of the sea.

Can you tell me if this is David, as one shot it looks like him?

Also, I would be very interested in any other, photos, videos or information
that you may have from the time, involving David.

Thanks for your time

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