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The DVA Bereavement Team

Posted: Thu Jul 12, 2018 2:59 pm
by stones
What a fuckin' joke! Must be one of the better jobs in Australia.

Mum passed away at 0215 02JUL2018. At 0800 that same morning I rang the DVA and advised them. Mum was a War Widow receiving a War Widows Pension from DVA. Her Pension was due on the 5h July. The Public Tyrant on the end of the phone informed me this would be passed on to the 'Bereavement Team'. Wow! That sounded good.

However their tardiness to act meant Mum's full Pension went into her bank account anyway. Then very shortly (approx 30mins) after the direct deposit, in a separate transaction almost HALF of the full amount of her pension was ripped back out. A letter was received from the CBA informing me of the amount ripped back out and informing me that this was done by a 'Statutory Authority'.

That's it.

No contact, no explanation, nor breakdown of deductions from the DVA. ZIP.

In fact. I have not heard from anyone from the DVA abvout anything, especially from their so-called 'Bereavement Team. Can someone tell me just what the fuck they do? Apart from fuck things up.


As big government gets even bigger and they hire more bludging Public Tyrants, all their work is being outsourced to the internet.

Just what is it that they do? Apart from just turning up. Sometimes.

Re: The DVA Bereavement Team

Posted: Fri Jul 13, 2018 5:45 pm
by Furious
Yeah Russ, that was nearly the same scenario for my Mum when she passed away....except we never knew about a Bereavement Team....
I will be most interested in the comments on this one?

Re: The DVA Bereavement Team

Posted: Fri Jul 13, 2018 7:43 pm
by stones
I hark back to 1977 when my father suffered his first stroke and was invalided out of work. Mum reached out for some assistance from the DVA/Welfare System at the time. A Public Tyrant on the other end of the phone asked Mum if she was working full time. When Mum replied, yes, she was working full time. The voice on the other end said. 'Good, then you keep him Mrs Graystone'.

That's a fact. And she did. Until he died. No help or assistance was given then either.

fuck the lot of them.

Bereavement Team? It's probably a Netball Team in Canberra.