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45th JRTE Intake - Rhoades/Howden - 45th Year Reunion

Posted: Mon Sep 25, 2017 9:52 am
by MJP Wilson
G'day Plotters. A 45th year reunion for the 45th Rhoades/Howden LEEUWIN intake, which commenced on 15 October 1973, will be held over the weekend of 13/14 October 2018, Venue TBA.

There are currently 20 or so showing interest and we are trying to find the remainder, including the following Divisional Staff: LEUT Davies, LEUT Marchant, CPOMTL Roberts, POQMG Hammond, POATA Everett, LSSR Mcgarr, LSRP Mccutcheon, ABSR Luxford and ABUW Snape.

If you are a 45th member or Div Staff, please reply to this post and I'll give further information. If you know someone from the 45th intake, please let them know of this post.

Alternatively, check out the 45th Facebook page at:

Regards and have a Grand Naval day.