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50th RANHFV Reunion - Missing Veterans

Posted: Fri Feb 17, 2017 3:11 pm
by stones
Received this from Rod. cam you help?

Good afternoon Russ. I am currently assisting in the organisation of the RANHFV reunion. I have been give a list of veterans from this era who cannot be located, and I was wondering if your site could assist in any way. I can be contacted at "" or alternatively my personal account "".

Kind regards Rod Tremlett

Names of 'Missing' members.

Ballantyne Barry John
Clark John Frederick
Hawkins Raymond Basil
Homer Raymond Harold
Jones Raymond Marshall
Lambert John Gibb
Malcolm Peter Robert
McWaters Ronald Keith
Mills Francis John
Montgomery James Henry
Monty Adrian John
Morris Garrie David
Morton Stephen James
Oppenhuis Willem Wessell
Petrie Leo Charles
Smith David Ronald
Stevenson Alexander
Terrell Graham Victor
Varley David Nelson
Walford Terence Leonard
Webber Allan Timothy