Close-In Weapon System (CIWS)

Phalanx is a fast reaction, rapid fire 20mm gun system. It provides R.A.N. Surface Units with a terminal defence against anti-ship missiles. It is designed to engage anti-ship cruise missiles and fixed wing aircraft at close range.

Phalanx automatically engages functions normally performed by independent systems such as search, detection, threat evaluation, aquisition, track, firing, target destruction, kill assessment and cease fire.

Weight - 13,600 pounds
Gun Type M-61A1 Gatling
Rate of Fire - 4,500 Rounds per minute
Magazine Capacity - 1550 Rounds
Calibre - 20mm
Ammunition - Armour Piercing Discarding Sabot (APDS), Depleted uranium sub-calibre. Penetrator converted to Tungsten in 1988.
Sensors - Self contained search and track radar.

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