The Standard SM-1 is a Surface-to-Air and Surface-to-Surface Missile mounted upon the R.A.N.'s major combatant units. It replaced the Tartar missile and is probably the most widley used and adavanced of its type in the world today.

Standard (SM1) Missile on Launcher - Compliments - Chief Petty Officer 'Max' Merret.

Contractor - Hughes Missile Systems (plus others)
Unit Cost - SM-1 Medium Range $US402,500.00
Power Plant - Dual thrust solid rocket fuel motor
Length - 14 feet
Diameter - 13.5 Inches
Weight - SM-1 1,100 pounds
Wing Span - 3' 6"
Range - SM-1 MR 15 - 20 nautical Miles
Guidance System - Semi-Active Radar Homing
Warhead - Proximity Fuse High Explosive

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