The Australian Navy's new ANZAC Frigates will be equipped the the Sea Sparrow Missile which is a highly maneuverable air-to-air missile with surface-to-air capability. Primary use will be surface-to-air anti-ship missile defence.

Sparrows are radar guided with high explosive warheads. They have a cylindrical body with four wings at mid-body and four tail fins. This versatile weapon has all weather, all altitude operational capability and can attack high performance aircraft and missiles from any direction.

Originally developed by Sperry and the USN, Sparrows later versions were developed by Raytheon and General Dynamics. Subsequent versions were dubbed the 'dog fight modification' because of its increased maneuverability at short range made it better suited for close-in visual engagements.

Power Plant - Hercules Mk 58 Solid Propellent rocket motor
Speed - more than 2,600mph (4,256kph)
Range More than 30 Nautical Miles
Length - 12 Feet
Diameter - 8"
Wingspan - 3' 4"
Warhead - Annular Blast fragmentation warhead, 90 pounds
Launch Weight - Approx. 500 pounds
Guidance System - Semi Active or Continuous wave or pulsed Doppler energy
Cost - $US165,400.00

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