Penguin Missile System


Penguin Missile Launch

The RAN has recently entered into an $80 million contract with Kongsberg Defence and Aerospace AS of Norway for provision of Penguin Air to Surface Missiles. These will be fitted to the eleven Super Seasprite Helicopters currently on order by the RAN and due to enter service in the period 2001-2002.

Project Sea 1414 will see the Penguin Mk2 Mod7 ASM fitted to the SH 2G(A) Super Seasprite and will be operated from the RAN's eight new ANZAC Class Frigates.

Range: more than 34 Km
Speed: High Subsonic
Midcourse Guidance System: Programmable Inertial
Terminal Phase Guidance: Passive Infrared
Warhead: 120Kg Insensitive Munition/Delayed fuze
Propulsion: Solid Propellent
Weight: 385 Kg
Length: 3 Metres

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