Harpoon Missile System

The AGM-84D Harpoon is an all weather over-the horizon, anti-ship missile system. The AGM84E SLAM is an infra red Stand-Off Land Attack Missile used for long range precision strikes. The SLAM-ER (Expanded Response) is an upgrade currently in production in the US. SLAM-ER has a greater range (150+ Miles), a titanium warhead for increased penetration, plus guidance improvements which allow the pilot to retarget the point of impact during the final phase of attack (about the last five miles).

The missile's active radar guidance, warhead design, and low level, sea skimming, cruise trajectory give it high survivability and effectiveness. The missile is capable of being launched from surface vessels, submarines and aircraft (without booster).

The missile was developed for naval use as it's basic anti-ship weapon. First introduced into service by the USN in 1977.


Primary Role - Anti Surface Cruise Missile
Contractor - Boeing
Power Plant - Teledyne Turbojet and solid propellent booster for surface and sub launch.
Thrust - 660 pounds/594Kgs
Length 15 feet
Weight - 1385 pounds/629.55Kgs
Diameter - 13.5"/34.29cms
Wing Span - 3 feet
Range - over the horizon in excess of 60 nautical miles
Speed - High Subsonic
Guidance - Sea Skimming cruise monitored by Radar Altimeter, active radar terminal homing.
Warhead - Penetration High Explosive Blast 488 pounds.
Cost US$720,000.00

HMAS Melbourne firing Harpoon

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