L1A1 Self Loading Rifle (SLR)

Length - 44.5"
Weight - 9.5lb
Calibre - 7.62mm
Rifling - 4 Groove r/hand
Operation - Gas & Spring
Feed - 20 Round Box
Muz. Velocity 2800fps
Sights - 600 yards

By the late 1950's the Australian Armed Forces decided to adopt a new self loading rifle firing the standard NATO cartridge. After extensive tests it was decided to adopt the Belgium FN rifle, which was already in use by many other countries and this, with a number of modifications became the L1A1.

The Australian version was a self loader only and did not fire bursts, (however an automatic version, the L2A2 was adopted by Australia and was used mainly by the Navy as a section light machine gun, but was often unreliable and prone to stoppages.)

The L1A1 was gas operated and capable of thirty or forty well aimed shots per minute and was generally a sound and reliable weapon. Its principle disadvantage was its length especially in close jungle fighting and operating from armoured vehicles. The SLR is now out of service and has been superceded by the new 5.56mm STEYR Individual Weapon.

The Webmaster (back row, standing 3rd from left) and the R.A.N. Inter-Service Rifle Team, at a training day at HMAS CERBERUS Rifle Range where he was an Instructor and team member.

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